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Face Procedures

At Y LIFT, we offer a range of innovative face treatments and procedures suitable for adult males and females of all ages.

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Body Procedures

At Y LIFT we offer a range of modern body treatments and procedures suitable for adult males and females of all ages.

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Male Procedures

At Y LIFT we offer a variety of novel treatments and procedures suitable for adult males of all ages.

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our methodology

the y lift® technique

The revolutionary Y LIFT® procedure is a nonsurgical facelift performed in 30-45 minutes yielding immediate, dramatic-yet-natural results.. 

It was famously dubbed the Miracle 30-Minute Facelift by Dr. Oz.

The Y LIFT® is based on the premise that the ideal youthful facial contours are shaped like the letter ‘Y’. If you were to superimpose two ‘Y’s over the face, you’d see a wider Y spanning the eye and cheekbones, and the second spans the neck up through the jawline. 



y lift® technique results

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The minimally invasive Face and neck lift

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SURGYLIFT™ is the minimally invasive non-incisional closed face and neck lift procedure that contours and rejuvenates the face and neck.


3 immediate and long lasting treatments comprise the SurgYlift: Renuvion, G-Stitch, and the Y LIFT,


No scars. No downtime. Instant results. 

3 easy steps


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Closed Facelift®

02 Renuvion<sup>®</sup


Helium Plasma Liposculpture

03 G-Stitch<sup>®</sup


Anti-Gravity Neck Suspension Suture



Are you a healthcare professional interested in learning the Y LIFT® and other techniques?

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Y LIFT is located within the iconic Pierre hotel in New York City

Are you a healthcare professional and interested in learning SURGYLIFT™ and other techniques?

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be a show-er, not just a grower!

Boost hYs confidence in 25 minutes or less!

Genitalia satisfaction plays a vital role in mens’ psychosocial and sexual health. In a recent study, it was shown that men who were dissatisfied with their genitals were less likely to report being sexually active than those who were satisfied. Penetrative sex and receptive oral intercourse were also reported less by dissatisfied men.*

Tired of being dissatisfied and experiencing low confidence? From Erectile Dysfunction (ED) to Premature Ejaculation (PE) to Hyperactive Penile Retraction Reflex (HPRR) aka “shrinkage” to just wanting to be…bigger, we have the most innovative non-surgical procedure, MagnYm™, to make you feel and look your best.

Come out of your shell and grow your confidence with MagnYm™!

*Thomas W. Gaither, Isabel E. Allen, E. Charles Osterberg, Amjad Alwal, Catherine R. Harris & Benjamin N. Breyer, “Characterization of Genital Dissatisfaction in a National Sample of U.S. Men”, Archives of Sexual Behavior, Volume 46, Pages 2123–2130, 2017

Are you a healthcare professional and interested in learning MagnYm™ and other techniques?

surgeon • inventor • pioneer • teacher

Yan Trokel, MD

Dr. Yan Trokel is a world-renowned New York based board-certified maxillofacial surgeon specializing in non-surgical and minimally-invasive facial rejuvenation treatments has been transforming faces since 2006. 

His accomplishments have been celebrated on popular television programs and in many top news publications over two decades.

Dr. Trokel’s unique innovations have earned patents, including for his signature Y LIFT® procedure, dubbed the “Miracle 30-Minute Facelift” by Dr. Oz; SURGYLIFT™— an innovative non-incisional face and neck lift; MYcrosculpt® — a cannula grip device designed specifically for Dr. Trokel’s groundbreaking injection techniques; and the FlexYguide® — an anatomically-correct face mapping tool and guide for injection techniques. Dr. Trokel’s groundbreaking methodology and expertise in facial rejuvenation continues to revolutionize facial aesthetics.

Yan Trokel

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Customer Reviews

Lasting Impressions

I couldn't be happier and I've honestly never felt so pretty. I went out and got so many compliments. People noticed right away. They told me I got the bone structure of Angelina Jolie now!

Aleksandra K.

Aleksandra K.

y lift® patient

As a man, we all know what it's like to have shrinkage, and for that to not be an issue, it gives you a boost of confidence that I didn't realize I needed. Now that I have it, I feel like it's something I wouldn't want to go without.




My results are amazing. I love it. I love the reaction I get from others. Why not you? Why not anybody? Why not look better for yourself!

Jeta K.

Jeta K.

y lift® patient


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